High Performance

January 9, 2013 · by mcca6797 · Uncategorized

All organizations are designed to be managed for results. With few exceptions, they use the same classic management approach. This model is strategic planning with performance evaluations, promotions and rewards based on job descriptions that are linked to organizational goals. The assumption is that with clear expectations and frequent evaluations, individuals will know what needs to be done and be rewarded accordingly. This traditional model produces inconsistent results.

High performance organizations take a different tact. They combine an atypical mix of incentives for teams, with a culture designed to draw people together into a joint effort. The underlying philosophy is “we have a stake in each other’s success.” This value is reflected in how people are paid, their freedom to act, encouragement to grow, even to make mistakes and learn from them. Individuals are rewarded both for their teams results in the overall organization performance. The result is an organization mission lived vigorously.

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