Consulting & Coaching

Consulting and coaching share similar attributes. Both are personal experiences. You and your situation are unique. Our interest, and hopefully yours, is sustainable improvement in health and performance. “Canned” approaches tend to produce short term results.  Our recommendations and consultation are tailored to you and your situation.


When we are invited to work in an organization or with individual, our first interest is to understand your situation.

We have found that people do not, as is generally believed, resist change. They resist being changed. For this reason, our assessments are collaborative process with you and the people who will be most affected by likely changes.

Data gathering and assessment done in concert with people has two important benefits. First, people develop a deeper understanding of their situation and why change is needed. Second, this understanding spurs innovation and creates a willingness to implement those changes and make them work.

Organization improvement work is akin to being invited into a “movie” already in progress. Our shared goal is to leave the organization in a better condition. Your organization is unique.  Sustainable improvement requires that there be a fit between us; in you, your organization and in our approach, capacity and manner.

If you are curious and would like to explore if there is a fit between your organization’s needs and our approach, let’s talk. If I don’t feel that we can help, I will recommend others who I think can.


Coaching has been a part of the human landscape for as long as one person sat with a trusted friend from that experience gained perspective and proficiency.

Successful senior executives have long relied on confidants as informal coaches to provide them with candor and feedback. Today the value of formal coaching is an integral part of the organizational life.

Coaching is helping an individual to be more successful. When asked what he wanted to be remembered for, Peter Drucker replied, “That I helped a few people accomplish their goals.” This is the aim of the advisor and coach.

The coaching process is guided by you and your goals. It is personal. These goals can take many forms. They can range from redesigning a complex organization, starting a new business to becoming a better listener and leader.

An experienced coach is a keen observer, trusted advisor and confident. Coaching can open doors to insight and alternatives that strengthen and build on existing capacities. Fundamentally, coaching is about being heard well enough so your own wisdom emerges and becomes action