Geri Blitzman, M.Ed, MSOD.

Geri Blitzman’s 25 years as a coach and organization development consultant to growing businesses and Fortune 200 company cuts across virtually all industry segments. A special expertise is working with in research and development, finance and service organizations, as well as nonprofits and startups.

Geri is a certified integral executive coaching organization effectiveness consultant who helps leaders leverage their strengths, passions and personal presence more fully in service to their organizations, teams and communities.

Geri has coached more than 150 leaders and scores of teens to become higher performing and better aligned. Her experience with senior groups allows her to recognize the conditions that impact personal and organizational success. She brings this understanding to:

  • Executive Development
  • Leaders taking on new organizational challenges
  • Entrepreneurs taking their venture to the next level
  • High potential leaders needing personal development to succeed
  • Specialist transitioning to managerial roles
  • Leaders moving into new cultures and responsibilities

Geri is appreciated for her insight, creativity and the ability to make things happen. Her clients take on larger issues and frame actionable goals. At the same time, leaders build the competencies required to sustain ongoing improvement.

Her work ranges from shop stewards and managers to CEOs and boards of directors. This understanding of organizations from top to bottom gives Geri a deep appreciation of the complexities involved in improving organization performance and the methods to do so. Among her many roles, Geri serves as a member of the Board of the Federal Executive Institute.