Doug Carson

Doug Carlson is a wise and insightful guide to individuals and organizations. With 30 years experience in public and private social services, Doug has the rare ability to distill the central issues of complex situations, find opportunity and the means to realize them.

Warm, genuine and politically astute, Doug has a gift for engaging individuals, organizations and communities in coalitions to creatively confront challenges and find new possibilities.

With a deep educational background in social sciences and public administration, Doug’s particular interests and expertise includes assisting:

  • Organizations to explore new possibilities and identify their unique niche.
  • Communities in planning activities as they respond to local needs.
  • In designing actions to include others and developing partnerships.
  • Developing strategies to get to where you want to go.
  • In emerging environments and creating something new.
  • Evaluating options and revising direction.
  • Individuals as they work through challenges.
  • Organizations as they sort through concerns.