Charla Hayden

Charla Hayden, M.A.

Since 1976, Ms. Hayden has maintained an active freelance practice in strategic planning, leadership and organization development. Her clients have includedfor-profit organizations such as Mattel Toys, O.K.G. Architects, L. B. Ball Corporation, RMC Research Corporation, New Seasons Markets, as well as large public organizations such as Pittsburgh City Schools, the US Department of Energy, Missouri School for the Blind, and the Veterans Administration Department of Medicine, as well as many others.

Formerly Ms. Hayden served as Director of Human Resources of New Seasons, and Assistant Professor in the School of Nursing at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Oregon.

Ms. Hayden’s career experience has encompassed to particular kinds of roles: management and training, and consultation. her conviction is that to teach and coach others ineffective leadership, personal experience in leadership roles is an essential foundation to be credible helpful to clients who are themselves struggling with achieving goals with and through other people. The majority of her management experience has been health care and social service organizations in both the public and private sectors.

Ms. Hayden has a Masters degree in humanities from California State University at Northridge, California. She also has 30 years of experience teaching group theory, leadership and management in such institutions as the University of Southern California, California State University at Los Angeles, and the University of Judaism in Los Angeles, as well as serving on the faculty of the Wright Institute, Los Angeles, a freestanding graduate school offering a doctorate in social-clinical psychology. At the Wright Institute, she ran the center for organizational studies in consultation, program designed to apply the skills of clinical psychologist to improving organizational and corporate life.

The theoretical framework Ms. Hayden applies comes from the social technical systems thinking, in particular what is known as the Tavistock, or group relations approach. She has been a student and practitioner in experiential education conferences using this model for teaching of leadership and authority for more than 30 years. Her experience in this work culminated in her serving as Director of the National Training Conference sponsored by the A. K. Rice Institute from 1998-2000. This is the most intense learning experience applying the Tavistock approach offered in the United States. Ms. Hayden co-authored “The Tavistock Primer” in 1975 and co-authored “Tavistock Primer II” recently published in “Group Relations Reader III” three. This is an article describing the theory and methodology underpinning this learning approach. She is the author and presenter of many articles related to leadership and organizational culture.