Navigating With Trust is written to and for leaders seeking higher performance through a culture of trust, collaboration and shared sacrifice.

This book is for you if you know there is a better way to manage withpeople.  If you believe performance and trust are connected. If you think that work and service can and should be rewarding for everyone in your enterprise.  If you want a culture where people see that your decisions are made in the best interests of all.You have tasted joint effort on the playing field, or the battlefield, in the laboratory, an operating room, around a conference table, a public meeting or in the board room.  You have experienced a time where every person worked as one; focused, confident and at ease; individuals adding to and complementing each other’s thinking; working together so easily and seamlessly, it seemed only natural.Why should this experience be so rare?  How do you manage and organize so that more talent and passion is brought to bear? What would it take for your company, startup, hospital, city, agency, school district or board of directors to work like this?  Can the collaboration you remember become commonplace? And if so, where would you begin?If these are some of your questions, and you are curious about what is possible, this book will offer answers gleaned from the experiences of leaders like yourself.This is a new paradigm for structuring and leading organizations, based on tested principles. Here are teams, workplaces and communities where people are treated with the respect of equals; where everyone works hard and helps each other to survive and succeed. Here is where the collective wisdom and energy of the current generation of workers, and the next generation of workers comes together to do creative, far reaching and challenging work. The potential is there, and the hunger is there in your organization, just below the surface.Here is a roadmap to guide your change and performance improvement efforts. The book lays out in plain, unvarnished language the essential issues involved in building trust in working relationships and in moving toward a trust-based management system.Use it as a catalyst to stimulate dialogue with your team and colleagues about your working relationships, trust, culture, teamwork and the fundamental character of your organization.Organization development consultants will find this book useful in their discussions with clients for framing the work that lies ahead and in planning how to address the overriding issues of leadership, vision, trust and culture that underlies all performance improvement work.Managers can use the methods to help restore trust with colleagues, and strengthen the performance in their teams.