McCarthy & Company is a group of colleagues who have worked together for many years. Each of us maintains an independent practice with its own focus and expertise. Together we  bring a rare combination of experience and insight to help untangle the most difficult and complex situations and create a positive direction. At the heart of our work is bringing the right people together to engage one another in understanding and solving the issues that confront them. Together we develop the culture, systems and practices that sustain these gains and allow for continuous progress. Our experience is reflected in the success and accomplishments of our clients.

We are well-versed in the full range of strategies and processes needed to facilitate positive change. These include whole system transformation, coaching, conflict resolution, leadership and team development and community building.

We have found there exists in most organizations and circumstances an untapped capacity for collaboration and contribution. This capacity is people’s passion about their work and the means to engage them. In a survey of 300,000 businesses, 60-70% of people are not engaged in doing their best work. They are not committed to the organization’s goals, or feel that their own contribution makes a difference. Even in adverse circumstances we can help gain this commitment.

Our clients know that talent and teamwork drive performance. More of this capacity becomes available by developing within the organization the norms and systems that encourage people to grow, work together and be accountable. During good times and bad, the organization with teams of engaged people outperforms others.

Leaders invite us to partner with them first because the situation is untenable and significant change is required. Second, a fresh approach is needed to long-standing problems. Third, the leader’s vision for their organization requires new strategies, culture and practices. We are proud by our collaborations with these leaders and all those who challenge themselves and others to their fullest potential.

The results our clients achieve are often so innovative as to become national models. These include fast growing companies, labor management partnerships, community alliances, ground-breaking social service systems and sustainable competitive advantage.

We are privileged to work with leaders across many industries and environment—service, manufacturing, finance, health care, education, high technology, government, not-for-profit, and municipalities. Our mission is to leave the organization healthier, more productive and with greater capacity to grow and succeed.