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Consulting and coaching share similar attributes. Both are personal experiences. You and your situation are unique. Our interest, and hopefully yours, is sustainable improvement in health and performance. “Canned” approaches tend to produce short term results.  Our recommendations and consultation are tailored to you and your situation.

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When you are engaged in complicated, substantive change work, you will likely need some help. Facing a major course correction and stiff headwinds, an experienced third party consultant can often provide the additional leverage you need.

We are accustomed to third parties in many facets of life. We invite arbiters into competitive contests and when there is the possibility of a dispute. These are the mediators, judges, referees, counselors, arbitrators, umpires and trustees.

The role of a change management consultant is similar to these.


New Book

Navigating With Trust, a new book by Robert McCarthy, published by Rockbench addresses trust and performance in a new way. This roadmap for leaders and consultants may change your perspective about where to put your attention and how….READ MORE

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